VC vs Bootstrapping. Is there light at the end of the tunnel without an investor?

I stumbled upon a particularly interesting for me article on Techmeme’s Gabe Rivera refusing VCs offers. 

"It’s true that in many ways, more money would make many things easier, including hiring more good people. But I’m also concerned about what it might make not possible: patience in letting a product mature, or forgoing costly distractions like board meetings and fundraising." he says. 

I couldn’t agree more with Gabe. After fund raising life is getting easier but   but it comes at a price: more bureaucracy, less independence in decision making and more pressure on profitability in company’s strategy. And it’s ok. Investors are businessmen, not a charity. They focused on profit, it’s clear. However, a company founder could have other goals than profit when starting his own enterprise.

For example, AppFellas, the company I work for, was founded with a goal of creating a working business, that would pay bills, of course. Anyhow in the long run it’s not about some potential “exit”. My intention was to create such work universe, where I can do what I thing is important and what makes my life meaningful. Contrary to the point expressed by Leonard Matthews in his article, I believe that the journey matters as much as the goal. Especially if the goal is to build a sustainable long-lasting venture.