You might heard people around mentioning Responsive Design. If you are still not sure what’s that I’m going to explain it in simple words.

The idea is simple - one website should look good on virtually any screen size. From iPhone to iPad to your desktop PC.

Quality is probably the one of the most critical parts of any mobile application. Manual testing is slow (=expensive) and error-prone process.

In this post I’m talking about automated tests on *real* devices, not simulators. It’s important since apps behave differently on both kinds.

I remember in 2010 I saw a first website trying to classify the mobile app UI elements into patterns categories. Screenshots of the apps were grouped by the way they were solving one or another UI/UX problem.

I stumbled upon a particularly interesting for me article on Techmeme’s Gabe Rivera refusing VCs offers. 

"It’s true that in many ways, more money would make many things easier, including hiring more good people. But I’m also concerned about what it might make not possible: patience in letting a product mature, or forgoing costly distractions like board meetings and fundraising." he says.